University of Iowa: Marketing Major (Marketing Management Track)

University of Iowa
Tippie College of Business
Iowa City, IA

Associated Internships

Protein Studio
Sydney, New South Wales; Australia
Marketing & Management Internship

(Global Internship Program)

San Diego Magazine
San Diego, California; United States
Marketing Internship

Associated Leadership

American Marketing Association

Snapchat Discover Editor,
The Daily Iowan

Web Editor,
VERVE Magazine


Marketing Management
Marketing problems of organizations; emphasis on marketing manager’s role in developing, presenting goal-oriented marketing strategies; application of marketing concepts to real business situations.

Integrated Marketing Communications
Making marketing communication decisions and understanding how marketing communications work; planning and evaluation of marketing communications; theories, models, and tools to make better marketing communication decisions; course uses an integrated marketing communications perspective, which involves understanding the role of the different promotional mix elements and coordinating them to develop effective marketing communication programs.

Marketing Research
Marketing, research methods; the role of marketing research information as a tool in management decision making.

Consumer Behavior
Behavioral and social aspects of marketing; research methods and findings from behavioral sciences, their relation to production, consumption, and marketing of products, services.

Marketing Metrics
Identifying and measuring key metrics that are the focus for marketing plans and the backbone for evaluating marketing performance (e.g., penetration, share of requirements, customer satisfaction, churn rates, click-through rates, and customer lifetime value); relationship between conceptual models of business-to-business and business-to-consumer behaviors and the selection of appropriate metrics; emphasis on use of metrics as basic inputs for goal setting, marketing decision making, and evaluation.

Marketing and Sustainability
Concepts for developing and implementing sustainable marketing strategies; developing more environmentally friendly products, more sustainable logistical systems, socially responsible pricing, and promoting sustainable products in a socially responsible way.

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