San Diego Magazine (Marketing Internship)

Throughout my marketing internship at San Diego Magazine, collaborated with the marketing, digital, social media, editorial, design, and event teams.

Here are a few projects I completed during my internship at San Diego Magazine:

Please note that some projects, including preliminary research for events and San Diego Magazine’s online store are confidential to San Diego Magazine, and cannot be displayed.

San Diego Magazine’s first-ever digital video I created, in collaboration with the digital team, to aid the sales department:


During my internship, I also took and contributed photographs to San Diego Magazine‘s Instagram, and updated Pinterest pages for San Diego Magazine and Exquisite Weddings.

On San Diego Magazine’s Pinterest page, I posted content associated with San Diego Magazine, such as articles, lists, and photo slideshows from the website. 

When posting on Exquisite Weddings’s Pinterest page, I posted Exquisite Weddings’s content in addition to outside content from real weddings and vendors to incorporate as wedding inspiration for our readers.

My photos contributed to San Diego Magazine’s Instagram feed:


Examples of the “Special Advertisements” section I edited using InDesign:

Click on photos to enlarge.


I also used InDesign to design & edit digital web advertisements and email blasts.

Click on photos to enlarge.


An example of a coding project using HTML code and Adobe Dreamweaver:

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 1.57.16 PM

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