Master Degrees
The University of Kansas

Master of Business Administration
Specialization: Digital Marketing

I am currently enrolled in KU’s Online Masters of Business Administration program with an anticipated graduation date of May 2024. Within this program, I will gain more skills and experience in becoming an effective business leader, analyst, and marketing professional. I will also be taking several leadership, marketing, international business, and digital marketing courses.


Bachelor Degrees
The University of Iowa

B.B.A Marketing
(Marketing Management),
The University of Iowa

My marketing experience and knowledge expanded through internships; student organization leadership roles, such as the American Marketing Association (President); and courses with real-world assignments and projects.

B.B.A Management
(Leadership & Management),
The University of Iowa

I gained valuable leadership knowledge and experience through internships, student organization leadership roles, and courses involving several team projects and leadership. Projects also included an emphasis on international business


Certificates & Specializations
The University of Iowa &
The University of California – Los Angeles

Writing Certificate (Publishing),
The University of Iowa

While taking courses taught by alumni and students at The Iowa Writers’ Workshop, I wrote non-fiction prose, poetry, articles, and more. I also published a chapbook for the Iowa Chapbook Prize (regional writing competition) with a team of other students.

Music Business Certificate &
Music Supervision Specialization,
The University of California –
Los Angeles

I completed UCLA’s music business certificate program, during which I learned and gained experience on the ins and outs of the music business, including touring, artist management, and marketing.

For my elective courses, I completed UCLA’s music supervision specialization program, through which I learned about licensing agreements, copyright in the entertainment industry, and creatively and correctly combining music with film and television.


Additional Marketing Analytics Trainings:

Tableau Data Analyst Program

• Tableau program foundations

• Connect to and Transform Data

• Create Views and Dashboards

• Explore and Analyze Data

• Publish and Manage Content

LinkedIn Learning SQL Essentials Course

• Retrieve and manage data with SQL

• Create tables

• Define relationships between data

• Manipulate strings, numbers, and dates

• Create views

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