Master Degrees
The University of Kansas

Master of Business Administration

I was recently admitted into KU’s Online Masters of Business Administration beginning in Spring 2022, during which I will gain more skills and experience in becoming an effective business leader. I will also be taking several marketing electives.


Bachelor Degrees
The University of Iowa

B.B.A Marketing
(Marketing Management),
The University of Iowa

My marketing experience and knowledge expanded through internships; student organization leadership roles, such as the American Marketing Association (President); and courses with real-world assignments and projects.

B.B.A Management
(Leadership & Management),
The University of Iowa

I gained valuable leadership knowledge and experience through internship, student organization leadership roles, and courses involving several team projects and leadership.


Certificates & Specializations
The University of Iowa &
The University of California – Los Angeles

Writing Certificate (Publishing),
The University of Iowa

While taking courses taught by alumni and students at The Iowa Writers’ Workshop, I wrote non-fiction prose, poetry, articles, and more. I also published a chapbook for the Iowa Chapbook Prize (regional writing competition) with a team of other students.

Music Business Certificate &
Music Supervision Specialization,
The University of California –
Los Angeles

Currently, I am enrolled in UCLA’s music business program, where I am learning and gaining experience on the ins and outs of the music business, including touring, artist management, and marketing.

For my elective courses, I am enrolled in UCLA’s music supervision specialization, through which I am learning about licensing agreements, copyright in the entertainment industry, and creatively and correctly combining music with film and television.

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