University of Iowa: Management Major (Leadership & Management Track)

University of Iowa
Tippie College of Business
Iowa City, IA

Associated Internships

Protein Studio
Sydney, New South Wales; Australia
Marketing & Management Internship

(Global Internship Program)

Associated Leadership

American Marketing Association

Snapchat Discover Editor,
The Daily Iowan

Highlighted Knowledge

International Business Environment
Differences in international and domestic business; cultural, legal, political factors for managers.

Individuals, Teams, and Organizations
(International Marketing & Business)
Theories of organizational behavior applied to current business trends for individuals, teams, organizations; personality, managing diversity, work-family conflict, self-managed teams, charismatic leadership, work motivation, managing conflict, organizational culture.

Dynamics of Negotiations
Predictable aspects and dynamics of bargaining experiences; simulations, experiential exercises to foster skills needed for effective negotiation in almost any situation.

Leadership and Personal Development
Practical development and application of leadership and managerial skills to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness.

Team and Project Management
Fundamentals of managing teams and group projects; emphasis on practical application, using case studies, and interactive and experiential exercises.

Employment Law
Laws affecting employers and employees, such as regulatory health and safety policies, unemployment and retirement benefits, and employment discrimination including hiring, termination, testing issues.

Strategic Human Resource Management
People management activities, policies, and practices that promote effective organizations; how changes in technology, business restructuring, legal and social concerns, other issues affect human resource management.

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