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In 2017, The Daily Iowan became one out of the 10 college student-lead newspapers to be included in Snapchat Discover. I became The Daily Iowan's first Snapchat Discover editor in 2018.

As The Daily Iowan’s First Snapchat editor, I…

WEB Rhiana Chickering (In Blue Dress) - 1
In the photo above, I (Rhiana Chickering) lead a team of motion graphic designers and content creators. I am in the turquoise dress. (Lily Smith/The Daily Iowan)
  • Led a team towards a common goal of developing high-quality, cohesive, and compelling Snapchat stories for The Daily Iowan Snapchat Discover page.
  • More than doubled the number of subscribers, while also doubling the average number of unique views per week. 
  • Implemented a cohesive design to align with The Daily Iowan‘s brand.
  • Utilized Snapchat Publisher to strategize upcoming content and analyze Snapchat publisher’s analytics.
  • Created an Executive Snapchat Plan to establish content goals and strategies to achieve those goals.
  • Ensured that the content aligns with The DI’s brand, AP style, and Snapchat Publisher’s guidelines.
  • Conducted final approval of Snapchat stories prior to publishing.
  • Communicated effectively with the Snapchat liaison and The Daily Iowan’s Snapchat contributors.
  • Edited and filmed videos for Snapchat stories using Adobe Premier Pro.
  • Implemented DI Snapchat’s first “Student Voices” segment, a weekly video including interviews with students on a variety of topics.
  • Created top snaps for the stories using Adobe After Effects.
  • Uploaded snaps to Snapchat Publisher and analyzed the analytics to strategize next snaps.


Slideshow Example of Story Design (NOT Including Animations & Bottom Snaps)

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Below are a few of my projects/topsnaps I created DURING my leadership and branding strategy.

*Please note: The cohesive design occasionally changed in response with updates in Snapchat Discover’s design. These clips are from a variety of weeks, so design may very slightly.

New Music Friday (Featuring New AND Trending Music)


New Music Friday Edition 

Kendrick Lamar/Pulitzer Prize Edition

 Summer Playlist Edition 

 Content/Bottom Snaps:


Kendrick Lamar Pulitzer Prize Win (Brief) Topsnap:
(To view the content/bottom snap, read my article here: Lamar stirs up Pulitzer history.)


Mission Creek Festival Snap (Topsnap & Bottom Snap of Abridged Article)


Bottom Snap (Abridged Article):

To view my full-length article follow this link: Mission Creek eliminates boundaries between music, literature.

Abridged Article for Snapchat



Student Voices: Music Edition (Video Edited by Rhiana Chickering)



Spring Break Activity (The user takes a screenshot during a slide slide show to determine where he or she will be traveling for Spring Break.)

Intro Snap


Slideshow/Activity Snap


Grammy Album of the Year Poll: Which Grammy-nominated album do you like best?

Top Snap


Pre-Grammy Playlist

Top Snap




Grammy-Inspired Drinks: 3 Cocktails Inspired by Grammy Nominees

Top Snap


Content/Bottom Snap (Video Edited by Rhiana Chickering):



Below are a few of my projects I completed PRIOR to my leadership and branding strategy:


Best of 2017 (Featuring the top music albums of 2017, as chosen by me and my fellow arts and culture staff at The Daily Iowan.)

Top Snap


Bottom Snap/Article: CLICK LINK BELOW:

The Best of 2017 Snapchat Article/Bottom Snap


Which Iowa City Coffeehouse should you visit next? (Top Snap & Flow Chart)

Top Snap:


 Flow Chart:

Which Iowa City coffeehouse is right for you


“What Were You Wearing?”

The article that attached to the top snap of RVAP’s art installment was a shortened version of the article than may be found in The Daily Iowan or my portfolio.

Top Snap I Created to the Shortened Version of  an Article/Attachment I Wrote:



Homemade Facial to Try When You’re Stressed Out:

Video/Bottom Snap 








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