VERVE Magazine (Web Editor)

As Web Editor of VERVE Magazine, I ...

• Utilized HTML and CSS code to further develop, format, and edit the website.
• Applied S.E.O. strategies and created multimedia content to enhance VERVE’s website.
• Analyzed data from Google Analytics to track audience engagement and performance.
• Recommended strategies to the social media and editorial teams that increase traffic.

Below are examples of designs I created and improved.

Main Page: 

On VERVE‘s home page, I improved the layout by adding thumbnails for stories beside the slider; adding a social menu, which included YouTube for the first time; streamlining the menus in a more effective manner; and organizing each article by its category, so readers may find content more efficiently.

Interactive Masthead to Author Bios &
In-Article Multimedia and Embedded Instagram Content 

I added a masthead to the primary menu bar, which includes links to each member’s bio and articles. In most of my articles, I developed videos and uploaded the videos within my articles. I also embedded instagram content within several of VERVE‘s articles.


For the multimedia articles I wrote and developed for VERVE Magazine, click HERE.


Below: VERVE Magazine’s masthead

VERVE Masthead: Web Editor Rhiana Chickering

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