Society’s Latest Trend: New Approaches to Co-Working

Previously published on Protein Studio's blog (A Co-Working Studio in Sydney, Australia). What if you could take your workspace anywhere you wanted? Where you had all the inspiration you needed, and where there is no need for a work-life balance.

Written by: Rhiana Chickering 

The idea of working outside of a confined office and away from the isolation at your home seems to be the kind of environment everyone is looking for.

What if you could take your workspace anywhere you wanted? Where you had all the inspiration you needed, and where there is no need for a work-life balance.

One Wild Life, Co. in San Diego, California has made Co-Working a new experience for freelancers and entrepreneurs by mobilizing co-working in order to bring its residents to inspiring, exciting locations.[1] Among these locations are the beach and the mountains.

The two founders of One Wild Life, Co. named their co-working space after a quote fromThe Summer Day, a poem written by Mary Oliver: “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” Inspired by this quote, they decided to combine outdoor activities with co-working. Such trips may entail surfing, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, and other activities to inspire creativity amongst entrepreneurs.

Imagine networking with other entrepreneurs while surfing or mountain climbing instead of networking at a desk. This would be a great experience, especially for those who want to work outside of the normal business hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Additionally, creative ideas are brought on by creative experiences.

Many businesses fail due to lack of new innovations; therefore, with more inspiration, entrepreneurs may be more likely to create new innovations and collaborate with other entrepreneurs in order to turn their business ventures into a success.

Envision co-working in the world’s most inspiring surrounding: the ocean. Coboat, headquartered in the United Kingdom offers co-working on a sailboat.[2]

Coboat allows entrepreneurs and freelancers to directly on the ocean. The sailboat travels to different areas of the ocean around the world.

When Coboat tenants also receive opportunities to surf, scuba dive, snorkel, swim, and kayak in addition to yoga and other exercises and activities. Coboat makes sure its entrepreneurs and freelancers have a creativity-inducing atmosphere at all times.

So, why is society shifting towards co-working spaces rather than traditional offices?

Everyone has different experiences with offices whether the experiences are in cubicles or in large offices with a view.  However, there has been another option that is stimulating creativity and collaboration. It is an option that has been turning heads.

The shift towards co-working spaces is influenced by a variety of factors.

More recently, more and more people have been creating their own jobs by becoming freelancers or entrepreneurs. Co-working spaces allow them to work outside of their home in an inspiring atmosphere perfect for creativity and collaboration.

Co-working spaces allow individuals to find a space that fits their needs. For example, some co-working spaces are marketed toward more creative individuals and companies, some co-working spaces are fit for technology experts, and others are a good fit specifically for startup businesses.

Startup businesses will greatly benefit from a co-working space because overhead costs will be less expensive at a co-working space than at a private office. Co-working spaces also offer the perfect amount of space for a startup business.

Additionally, due to less direct competition and internal politics, co-working spaces often create healthier atmospheres. The collaborative nature of co-working spaces allows entrepreneurs and freelancers to combine their skills for collaboration on projects. However, there is also space to work independently for more intense projects that require more focus and concentration.

As I am writing this article, I am sitting in a co-working space with a variety of freelancers and entrepreneurs. Some individuals are collaborating and some are working independently. The atmosphere that I am writing in is bright with natural light shining in through the large windows. The décor is modern with creative art giving an aura of inspirational creativity. This is an exact environment needed to inspire entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Throughout my time at a co-working space, I have learned from everyone who works at this space. Freelancers and Entrepreneurs experience similar situations, and because there is very little to no internal competition, everyone is very helpful and collaborative. However, privacy spaces are also provided if you need complete focus and concentration, or you have private meetings or phone calls.

Co-working spaces are also great for those who do not want to work during normal business hours, or for those who work from their homes and need to escape their hectic routine in order to focus on their projects. Also, active individuals who like to spend time outdoors during the day enjoy the flexible working hours that co-working studios provide.

I know many people who choose to work Monday – Thursday instead of Monday – Friday to spend more time with their family or focus on other activities.

Creative and innovative companies benefit from co-working spaces because not only do co-working spaces provide means of collaboration, but they offer several seating options that include casual living-room style seating, workstation seating, café style seating, meeting rooms, and personal office seating. Whichever option gets your creativity flowing; co-working spaces are sure to provide the creative, motivational environment you need.

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[2] CoBoat. (n.d.). CoBoat. Retrieved July 31, 2016, from http://www.coboat.org/

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