Marketing Analytics

I gather data from Google Analytics, DOMO, and Quantcast databases in order to determine the success of each promotion. In 2020, I worked with our analytics team to set up a GA360 account and set up goals, so my team and I could track the amount of traffic that actually entered each sweepstake.

When gathering data from DOMO, I am able to track how many visitors were considered “music enthusiasts” based on their interests, making a case on why brands partner with Live Nation specifically.

For each promotion, I create a recap deck. (Not shown due to confidentiality).

Some General Types of Data Also Included:

  • visitors
  • unique visitors
  • traffic channels
  • referral data
  • social media analytics (including influencer tracking)
  • demographic data (age & gender)
  • geographic data (location)
  • specific goals (how many fans entered the sweepstakes)
  • device type
  • bounce rate

Summary of Experience

    • Track promotion success and traffic with Google Analytics, Domo, and Quantcast, while tracking specific events, such as form submissions, and providing recommendations to the team on how to improve on future promotions.

    • Collaborate with digital planners to track paid media and influencer success.

    • Provide recap decks and metrics to demonstrate the success of promotions with effective charts and graphs.

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