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Hi, I'm Rhiana...

RC, Guitar 1Hello!

My name is Rhiana.

I live for music, entertainment, and writing. From The Rolling Stones and The Eagles to Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, and Lorde, I am always listening to music and keeping up with the latest emerging and mainstream artists. 

rolling stones

While attending college at the University of Iowa (graduated with distinction in May of 2018), I began a career as a music and arts and culture writer for The Daily Iowan, which increased my involvement in the music and entertainment industries. Throughout my time as an entertainment journalist, I spoke with several emerging and mainstream artists and performers about their artforms. I have also written about the artists and covered live performances.

My career passions include marketing, management, and writing. These passions have taken me to so many places. I am constantly meeting new people, and I love it.

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One of my future aspirations is to achieve a marketing, digital media, or content management career within the music and entertainment industries. I have created digital and print content for The Daily Iowan, San Diego Magazine, and Protein Studio (now named ‘Here Coworking’ after the completion of my marketing plan) and Protein One, both of which are located in Sydney, Australia.

In 2017, The Daily Iowan has received an opportunity to become one of the ten college student newspapers to have its own Snapchat Discover account. As its first editor, I enjoyed being a part of this Snapchat team to create content for audiences because I thrive in creative and collaborative environments.

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Most importantly, I keep up with the latest trends. To keep up to date with both emerging and mainstream music artists, I attend music and art festivals; have conversations with people about what they are listening to; check the trends on Spotify, Apple Music, and other music streaming sites; while also keeping tabs on news regarding music in print and digital media.

Lastly, I believe that life is about taking chances and following passions, even if it takes an enormous amount of time, effort, and hard work.

Thank you for reading!

— Rhiana


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