UCLA Music Business Certificate UCLA Music Industry Program

Touring, Tour Accounting, & Merchandising (+ Tour Marketing)

IMPORTANT NOTE: These materials are for COURSE PURPOSES ONLY based on case studies and scenarios. They are not the actual plans for the discussed artists and their tours.

Course Description

Throughout this course, I created a marketing plan, a sponsorship one-sheet, merchandising plan, artist offer sheet, and expense breakdown sheet. Course topics included, the touring process from planning to settling live performances; different tour revenue streams, such as ticket sales, sponsorship income, and merchandising; and how to maximize tour profits through effective marketing, promotion, budgeting, and monitoring.

Marketing Plan

Tour Marketing Plan for Billie Eilish

Overview of Tour Marketing Plan (for Course Assignment):

Sponsorship One-Sheet

Sponsorship One-Sheet for The Rolling Stones

Merchandising Plan

Merchandise Plan for Taylor Swift

Artist Offer Sheet

Artist Offer Sheet for Lana Del Rey

Expense Breakdown Sheet

Expense Breakdown Sheet for The Eagles



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