UCLA Music Business Certificate UCLA Music Industry Program

Legal & Practical Aspects of the Music Business

IMPORTANT NOTE: These materials are for COURSE PURPOSES ONLY based on case studies and scenarios. They are not the actual plans for the discussed artists.

Course Descriptions

This music business law course covered the following topics:

  • the various ways in which rights are exploited and monetized and how revenue is generated in the music business;
  • the critical topics of building your artist’s brand as a business, along with the necessity of ancillary revenue streams outside of music and the cutting edge deals dealt with in the digital space;
  • arrangements between record companies and artists;
  • arrangements between publishing companies and artists;
  • production deals, producer agreements, and other legal and business issues that arise in the recording studio;
  • trademark and rights of publicity;
  • agreements relating to the artist’s team of advisors;
  • topics and agreements relating to music publishing rights;
  • monetizing and understanding the differences between subscription and ad-supported services, as well as other digital media opportunities;
  • artist fans, brands, social networking sites, and cultural communities as they affect music, copyrights, and merchandising in a global music market; and
  • discussions on current events relating to the ever-changing tides of the music industry, including the ongoing legislative developments in Washington, D.C. that impact copyright reform.

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